Insomnia’s Required Add-ons, Code of Conduct and Loot system.


Attendance! Insomnia is in the business of boss kills! Limited attendance means limited boss kills. Insomnia will require you to raid with the guild one night a week, minimum. This rule is casually enforced and meant only to keep a forward progression.


Raid Schedule: 8pm Wed/Thur Server with an option for Sunday.


Required Add-ons for Raiding: (PREPARED BEFORE the Raid time)

  • Ventrilo (Duh!)
  • Omen (Tracks aggro)
  • DBM [Deadly Boss Mod] (Alerts to keep you alive)


Keep the following values in your mind at all times.


  • Loyalty – Show faithfulness and trust toward the guild.
  • Duty – Fulfill your obligations. (Sign up for a raid? Then be there.)
  • Respect – Treat others as they should be treated.
  • Selfless Service – Put the needs of others before your own. (Karma!)
  • Integrity – Do what is right at all times. (Even when no-one is watching)
  • Personal Courage – Face fear and adversity, both physical and moral.
  • Honor – Honor will come from living all values to the fullest.


Loot System

Currently, Insomnia employs a casual loot system. Drops will go to main spec first decided by a /roll. If needed, ‘Offset [item]’ will be declared and will be open for /roll. If you receive a drop, you will you be ineligible to /roll, unless for offset or your competition has won equal number of drops this run. Questions will go to the raid loot master or raid leader.


-Have questions? Speak up!

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